Using polystyrene to transport perishable food

Polystyrene PackagingThe health market is flourishing and despite the parallel crisis with obesity and convenience foods, consumers love their fresh produce and vitamin nutrient packed foods. But it can be a tough call to grow, pick, prepare, pack and deliver healthy edible foods, which are often perishable and need suitable protective transportation to prevent damage and maintain consistent temperatures.

Introducing polystyrene to transport perishable food

Polystyrene is a cost effective material that can manage the requirements of protection and temperature control when it comes to fresh food sources. Polystyrene packaging can keep cool things cool and warm things warm due to its excellent insulation properties and extremely low rate of thermal conductivity. This enables the temperature inside polystyrene packaging or boxes to remain stable even if outside temperatures fluctuate.

The material is lightweight yet sturdy offering much-needed protective properties to carry foods subject to bruising, cracking and squashing.

Polystyrene boxes and containers are watertight and provide a barrier against oxygen and vapour that can spoil food. Available in an array of sizes, polystyrene packaging is perfect for manufacturers of meat, chilled foods, and dairy products that have a limited shelf life. Plus, the packaging is reusable.

Friendly to the environment and sterile

Expanded polystyrene is clean and uncontaminated and is approved for direct contact with food making it ideal for transportation containers – either as boxes, trays or to line refrigerated units.

Everyone is under pressure to commit to protecting our natural environment so it’s comforting to know that polystyrene can be recycled. It’s made up of 98% air with zero destructive chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gases.

Learn more about polystyrene packaging benefits

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