Why polystyrene protective packaging is the number one choice for the electronics industry

Sending electrical items in the post can be a real challenge. Making sure goods arrive safely and in pristine condition is essential if you want to keep customers happy and maintain a company’s reputation for great service. What’s more, no courier can completely guarantee the contents within a parcel will arrive intact – it’s the job of the sender to try and minimise the potential for damage.

So, just what makes polystyrene protective packaging the solution of choice for businesses who want to transport potentially fragile and costly items?

Polystyrene protective packaging is versatile

Before transporting any item, you should first check that you are able to send it through the post. Assuming that your electrical goods can indeed be shipped, the next step is to think carefully about packaging.

If using a larger outer container to transport electrical items, individual parts within it must not be allowed to move and bump into each other. For this reason, firm polystyrene surrounds can be used to keep items suspended and locked into position – without fear of loose parts moving around and breaking in transit.

Providing additional cushioning against possible impact while being moved around is also a wise choice. Bubble wrap or polystyrene chips can be used to absorb the inevitable shocks and knocks that otherwise could result in your parcel arriving in a less than satisfactory state.

Of course plastic pollution is a big problem today so polystyrene is a great cost-effective alternative that is also recyclable.

Because expanded polystyrene is sterile, unpolluted and made up of 98% air it can be recycled after use very easily due to no harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gases contained.

Protect electrical goods – whatever the weather

The problem with inferior packaging is that certain materials can take on moisture.

Newspaper and shredded paper simply does not offer the same cushioning effect as polystyrene chips or beads. That’s not the only issue.

Paper can become sodden in poor weather and can therefore seriously compromise the contents of a parcel. When electrical goods are involved, this could lead to serious faults and many unhappy customers. 

Polystyrene does not absorb moisture, making it perfect for packaging come rain or shine. It also insulates the contents of a box, keeping the temperature inside a parcel stable and not prone to fluctuation.

Delicate electrical items do not respond well to extreme hot or cold, so the right packaging solution can offer real peace-of-mind, whatever the weather.

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