What Is Polystyrene Insulation And How Can It Help

Proper insulation is a must for every modern home. There are many different materials and products on the market used for this purpose. Of course, each of them comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. According to many experts, using natural and/or recycled materials is the best way to insulate any home. One of the most popular products of this kind is polystyrene.

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How to Pack Delicate Items For Shipping

Shipping products has never been easier because the infrastructure around the world has significantly improved in the last decade. However, during this activity many items are damaged because of the inadequate packing. The following is a list of tips that will help you pack delicate items for shipping and keep them safe and sound.

To start with, if you are shipping hollow items you should use Styrofoam peanuts in them. Take some bubble wrap and wrap the item for extra protection. Just make sure that the bubbles are not popped. In case you are shipping items like soup bowls, saucers and different types of plates, you should pack them in the inner box right on their edges. Never arrange them at the top of one another. If you use the same box for these items, make sure to tape them well because without good tape they will move around while they are being shipped. Every side of the item must be cushioned well.

Another good tip is to wrap the box with bubble wrap after you pack the item/s securely in a box. After that, you should place the package in another box. The second box should be bigger by about 3 inches (on each side) compared to the first box. The rest of the space should be filled with paper or some other material that can be used as cushion.

Many postal services require the use of Styrofoam that is at least 4 inches thick (between the boxes)

Keep in mind that newspapers weigh more compared to Styrofoam which ultimately means higher shipping costs. In addition, generally speaking, Styrofoam provides better protection than newspapers.

Don’t forget that as a seller/sender, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of damage or completely replace the item in case it was damaged if it was shipped in an inappropriate way.

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