What can foam packaging peanuts be used for?

If you are storing or transporting breakable items, it is always a good idea to use some foam packaging to keep the items safe. This is a well-known fact and it is no surprise why so many manufacturers use foam for packaging. However, there are other more unusual things that you can use foam packaging for and in this blog, we will mention some of the more interesting ones.

For starters, you can use foam packaging peanuts to apply wood glue and other similar materials. Once you are done, you can simply throw the foam peanuts away and it certainly saves time on having to clean brushes!

If you happen to be hanging a mirror, you can cut small pieces of foam and use glue to stick them on the corners of the frame in order to keep the painted walls safe. You can use this technique on picture frames too.

There are many people who own beanbag chairs and over time these chairs lose tend to lose their properties. If you have saggy beanbag chairs, simply open the cover and put as many foam peanuts as you need to restore the filling. These peanuts will cover the loss and make the sitting more comfortable.

Even your kids can find foam packaging peanuts useful. If you want to make their craft and play area more exciting, you can glue peanuts in the form of castles, mountains and create other interesting forms. This is a cheap and innovative way of creating a fun play area for your children.

Individuals who are fond of gardening will be glad to hear that foam is useful for this activity too. People usually put some peanuts in large pots and pour soil to increase drainage and make the large pots lightweight.

If you need to put a screw into a larger hole, you can fill the space by adding a foam peanut. Simply put the screw into the peanut and start screwing. The additional material is easy to remove and the screw will fit perfectly.

Finally, if you have dried flowers that should be placed in a slightly larger vase, add some foam peanuts to give them stability and increase their height.

Who would have though that foam packaging peanuts could be so useful?