Hang on. Polystyrene and sport? Really?

Well, yes. Don’t forget sport, by its very nature, is often high impact. None of us want to come home from what is ostensibly meant to be a pleasurable exercise covered in bruises – or worse. And so polystyrene has long had a part to play in the sporting sphere. When it comes to safety, polystyrene delivers a vital role.

Polystyrene and Rugby

Take a look at the average rugby pitch. It has a set of rigid, often wooden or steel, posts at each end. Now imagine clattering into them at speed, possibly pushed into them with force by a 20-stone member of the opposition. It’s going to hurt.

That’s why, more often than not, we see rugby posts cushioned by wraparound polystyrene foam barriers. They are not there because, as some might claim, “rugby has turned soft”. They are there because, perfectly reasonably, most men would rather not go home in a wheelchair. Similarly, they have probably got a deep affection for their teeth.

Polystyrene and Cricket

Cricket is another sport with high impact potential. Ever had a hard package of leather and cork fired at you at speed and you will know why. Cricket balls hurt. They leave a lasting impression in the tenderest of places. Polystyrene has long been used to soak up the momentum of the ball, with specially designed protectors for thigh and arm.

Polystyrene and Cycling

Of course, sport will always carry an element of risk, but polystyrene has been key to minimising many of them as much as possible. Cycling helmets are a (potentially life-saving) case in point. Polystyrene crushes slowly on impact and thus slows the head gradually. It also has limited bounce back, protecting the neck and spine from whiplash injuries.

Cyclists also have very little desire to ride around with a diving helmet on their head and a polystyrene-lined helmet meets all the requirements of lightness and comfort.

Safety first

Easy to see then why polystyrene has been so welcomed by the sporting industry. Professional or leisure sportsperson, we all deserve to be safe. Polystyrene has been a major step forward in meeting that guarantee.

More surprising uses of polystyrene

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