Polystyrene – the green savior for economical buildings

Modern buildings need to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible as governments strive to make organisations greener and those same organisations are looking for ways to tighten the financial belt without compromising health and safety.

Polystyrene Packaging

Individuals are also looking for warmer, quieter and more economical homes so, in reality, everyone is looking for a two-phase solution – one that is green and cost effective.

Polystyrene uses within the construction industry

Polystyrene is manufactured economically and has a multitude of effective uses when it comes to the construction industry that include:

  • Polystyrene balls
  • Large polystyrene blocks
  • Insulation boards
  • Expanded polystyrene sheets or beads (EPS)

Polystyrene is durable, recyclable and easily disposable. Buildings are now constructed with improved insulation levels, most notably aided by polystyrene. Used in conjunction with reinforced concrete and other building constituents, polystyrene can help with the stability and resilience of external and internal framework structures such as cavity walls and beam and block flooring systems.

The material is made up of 98% air, has no harmful CFC gases and maintains steady temperatures through its high insulation properties. Consequently this also guards against draghts from air leaks and the forces of Mother Nature.

Polystyrene supports economical building

Expanded polystyrene is now a key product used by the building industry for thermal performance, which also helps to support quicker and more efficient building. This goes a long way to help meet the demand for new build homes across the UK.

Lightweight moulded EPS panels are frequently used to construct underfloor heating systems. Heating pipes can easily be fitted within pre-cut polystyrene panels enabling rapid installation and for ground floor buildings and suspended floors (which were previously difficult to achieve). 

In addition, polystyrene is a very good noise insulator, perfect for when little Tommy wants to learn how to play the drums or the better half’s favourite television programme starts.

Even space exploration is considering the future use of polystyrene due to its lightweight and many diverse features.

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