5 Advantages Of Temperature Controlled Polystyrene Boxes

Polystyrene is an aromatic polymer made from the styrene monomer and represents one of the most used plastic materials in the world. This is a thermoplastic material without a colour and is a solid and durable plastic with a certain level of flexibility. It can be recycled which means that it is eco-friendly. There are many ways in which manufacturers use polystyrene, but they can also be used for some more unusual reasons. We look at some of these below:

  1. Storing Frozen and Chilled Foods
    This is probably the most frequent way in which people use polystyrene boxes of this kind. They just put the frozen/chilled foods they purchase from the local store in the boxes and maintain their temperature.
  2. Boxes for Hens
    Of course, this doesn’t mean that polystyrene boxes are used only for this purpose. For instance, there are many people who use them as special nest boxes for their hens. Simply lay the box on the side and the hens will start using them as their nest. They provide ideal conditions for good nesting.
  3. Decoration
    Another great thing about these boxes is the fact that they can be used as decoration too. For instance, you can paint them with acrylic paint and place them in any room you want. Unleash your creativity and experiment with the boxes you have.
  4. Hot Box
    This is another advantage of polystyrene boxes related to meals. This time, you can use them to finish the cooking of your meal. Just put a straw in it and place your part cooked meal inside. This is a great way to finish the cooking in a natural way.
  5. Storing Biscuits
    If you don’t want the biscuits to fill the room with their scent, you can store them in these boxes. Of course, you can store other scented/aromatic foods too.

Of course, from a commercial packaging point of view, temperature controlled polystyrene boxes are incredibly useful. Contact Vertapak now for more information.

How To Pack Irregular Shaped Items For Delivery

Sending a package through the post is fairly simple, right? Wrap up a book or a box, and send it via a courier service or taking it to your local post office – easy!

But what about packing an oddly-shaped item? Suddenly it seems more complicated than it really is – read on to find out how to pack irregular shaped items for delivery.

Sending a Round Item

Packing a round item such as a ball, bottle, or poster (something that can potentially roll around in a van during transit) should be placed inside a sturdy cardboard box. The box should be large enough to fit both the item and cushioning, so that there is no free space for the item to move around in the packaging during delivery.

Wrap the item in a protective material such as bubble wrap. This will ensure the item will not become damaged before being delivered to the recipient.

Sending a Long Item

Longer items such as pool cues and fishing rods have to be handled and packaged differently to other items. This is because damage and breakage are more likely to occur in a longer item.

Packaging a long item works much in the same way as any other; it should be wrapped first in bubble wrap, making sure to wrap the ends and middle with additional packaging for extra stability. It should then be placed into a suitable box ready for delivering.

Sending a Fragile Item

All fragile items (whether big, small, or irregularly-shaped) should have a “fragile” stamp on the packaging – this won’t always ensure that the item will be safe during transit, as accidents can happen. Make sure any fragile item you send has as much packaging protection as possible – wrapped in protective packaging materials, such as bubble wrap and secured in a suitable box surrounded by additional cushioning materials. Extra care needed when sending any fragile item.

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