What happens to polystyrene packaging after Christmas?

Protective PackagingLight and mouldable, polystyrene is the perfect way to package delicate, expensive, odd-shaped, bulky, or compact goods. That’s why, at Christmas, polystyrene really comes to the fore. It’s lack of weight means it adds very little to postage costs, while at the same time guaranteeing that goods arrive efficiently and undamaged.

But what happens to all that polystyrene? Many assume it cannot be reused, but in fact polystyrene is a growing part of the recycling sector.  Think about it – it’s 98 per cent air. It may look bulky, but in fact it’s ideal for a quick and simple turnaround into something new. 

A simple and easy process

Recycling polystyrene makes sense. In its existing airy form, it takes up room in traditional landfill. Instead it can be turned, within days, into packaging or even shrinkwrap.

While businesses which use polystyrene have long been aware of the benefits of recycling, more and more local authorities are coming around to the same way of thinking. The government too is keen to press home the advantages of polystyrene recycling. In the meantime, there are plenty of private recyclers happy to take polystyrene.

Green credentials

The increase in recycling only adds to polystyrene’s green credentials. Its lightness, for instance, means it is a resource efficient packaging material with a small carbon footprint.

Its lightness helps to reduce fuel consumption when goods are being transported and reduces wastage caused by goods broken or damaged in the supply chain.

As recycling facilities and technology continue to improve, polystyrene’s position as a viable and friendly substance will be cemented for years to come.

More surprising uses of polystyrene

We hope this short article has made for an interesting five-minute read. Please stay tuned for more surprising uses of polystyrene over the next few weeks and if you are looking to explore the possibilities of polystyrene please feel free to contact us on 01384 457730.