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Are you looking for the perfect packaging product? Look no further than Vertapak for all your Packaging Material needs.

VertaPak can assist you from start to finish; the whole process begins with a full consultation to allow our comprehensive service to meet your exacting requirements. With over 30 years’ experience within the Packing Materials industry, our team of specialists can advise you on the very best products to enhance your business operations and get your products to the people who need them free from damage.

Whether you are looking for polystyrene beads and Packaging Foam Sheets to provide a durable protective layer or a Packaging Material that offers excellent insulating qualities, we are here to help with the friendly support you require to source suitable and high quality Packing Materials.

Our complete service doesn’t stop there, from our Dudley-based headquarters, we can design and manufacture stock and tailor-made Packaging Materials. Each and every one of our products is then successfully distributed to your business premises, whatever your location. We work with businesses throughout the UK to ensure they have access to VertaPak’s wide range of polystyrene, polyethylene and foam Packaging Materials.

So why should you choose VertaPak as your Packaging Material supplier? As well as our years of experience within this specialist industry, we have a proven track record and countless satisfied customers who return to use our service again and again. In addition to this, we supply free samples so you can try our products before you buy in bulk.

The range of Packaging Materials we offer is second-to-none, making us one of the UK’s leading suppliers. We provide a variety of polystyrene packaging products, including insulated, beaded and expanded, each of which is designed and manufactured with value and quality in mind. Our polystyrene packaging ensures your products are fully protected from warehouse to your customer’s doorstep, whatever mode of transportation you use during transit.

Our polyethylene products provide a flexible packing solution for many businesses across various industries, especially those who experience multiple drops and factory transit application. Polyethylene sheets products are particularly high performance, providing excellent durability and a great packaging solution for both warehouse storage and transportation.

Foam is also a particularly popular packaging material that we supply, and offers a versatile option for various applications and industries. Packaging Foam Sheets provide a heavy duty material for larger or more delicate items so you can rest assured your products are fully protected in the warehouse and during transition.

All of our packaging products can be tailor-made to your individual needs, using our bespoke service each can be cut, shaped and profiled, meaning you can get the product your business deserves to your specification and budget.

Discuss your packaging needs today with our friendly and experienced sales team by calling 01384 457730.

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