Polystyrene – it’s more festive than you might think

OK, Christmas is on the horizon. We’re all looking to give our homes that something little bit extra on the décor front. At this point we could be forgiven for not immediately thinking of polystyrene, but perhaps we should. This versatile and lightweight material is in fact perfect when it comes to bringing a little bit of the North Pole into your house – with the added bonus that none of it is going to melt on the carpet.

Snowflakes and stars

Those in the know have long been Chrimbo-ing up their homes with polystyrene snowflakes and stars, some on a giant scale (weight, remember is no bar), as well as polystyrene wreaths (easy to pin holly and berries to) and pointy polystyrene cones to give that proper shivery, icy look.  

Indeed, some wise individuals have only just put away the polystyrene Halloween pumpkins when they’re back in the cupboard fetching the polystyrene Christmas decorations out!

Get the kids involved

From the starting point of a blank polystyrene star or snowflake, children can add their own designs – glitters, ribbons, lollipops, you name it. Sounds better than just collecting ready-made decorations, doesn’t it? Often, homemade ornaments become festive favourites, put on display year after year, a reminder of happy Christmases gone by – memories of fun times.

Commercial opportunities for festive polystyrene

On a larger, commercial scale, vast polystyrene balls offer great display or promotional opportunities. Imagine a huge glittery sphere hanging centre stage in your business. Smaller spheres, meanwhile, make the perfect snowball substitute – a bit of wow factor when a customer walks through the door.

Make polystyrene your festive friend

Christmas is a brilliant time of glimmering festive magic. Remember your best friend to make that happen – polystyrene.

More surprising uses of polystyrene

We hope this short article has made for an interesting five-minute read. Please stay tuned for more surprising uses of polystyrene over the next few weeks and if you are looking to explore the possibilities of polystyrene for Christmas please feel free to contact us on 01384 457730.