Polystyrene – creative as well as functional

Polystyrene is often seen as a purely functional material, with uses in the packing, preserving, and insulating industries.

But look beneath some of the most pretty, poignant, and pertinent of decorative or commemorative items and it soon becomes apparent that this most versatile of materials plays a vital role.

Polystyrene wreaths

No better illustrated is this than with the example of wreaths. Here we have a major cottage industry, with hobbyists enjoying making wreaths for a huge variety of occasions, including Christmas and Halloween.

Ease of decoration

Of course, few would consider polystyrene to be ideal as a material to be on show in decorative terms. It’s beauty, however, is the ease with which the prettiest of decorations – flowers, leaves, feathers, even craft items such as pom-poms (ideal for a winter effect) can be attached.

Add in it’s virtual weightlessness, and polystyrene is the perfect substance for a temporary or, indeed, permanent, wall hanging, not to mention unobtrusive but singularly appealing table centrepiece.

Personal and poignant

Let us not forget also that wreaths are intensely personal and poignant items left as signals of commemoration on memorials across the country, be they marks of respect to those lost in conflict or in tragedies. Similarly, floral wreaths are a centrepoint of many funeral corteges.

In the past, the ability to fashion their own wreaths was out of many people’s hands. Now the easy availability of polystyrene bases means thousands every year are able to pay tribute in the most personal of ways, creating an image pertinent to an event or loved-one.

The craft economy and polystyrene

Make no mistake, polystyrene is yet again adding significant value to an area of the UK economy. The Craft Intelligence Report, released in conjunction with the Craft & Hobby Association UK, reveals that home crafting is an area worth an estimated £3.4 billion. Some 69% of British females participate in at least one craft per year, amounting to 18.3 million women.

Much of that increase is down to the easy availability of basic materials, polystyrene being a case in point.

Get hold of some and let your creative imagination soar to new and unexplored areas.

More surprising uses of polystyrene

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