Trends in Polystyrene Foam Packaging

The global market for polystyrene and styrene is constantly growing. There are big business opportunities in the polystyrene market, due to the implementation of different innovations and the general public’s acceptance of this material. Polystyrene is used in almost all of the daily products we use, starting from our kitchen products to cars, and from packing different products to various applications in industry.

Rising demands of polystyrene in the developing countries are contributing to the global growth of the polystyrene market. Car tyres of higher performance are also made with polystyrene & styrene, so there is a large base and demand for the product in the most developed countries as well. With this in mind, we should expect the polystyrene business to certainly grow and expand in the following years. The demands for polystyrene are especially high in Asian countries like South Korea and China, as well as in the Middle East and North America.

However, this business brings some challenges and obstacles as well. Concerns about the pollution of the environment, reduction in car sales throughout Europe, currency conversion risks, as well as replacement of polystyrene with some other materials pose a big threat to this type of business. Trends in polystyrene foam packaging include increased urbanization and higher GDP, rationalization of capacities and usage of polystyrene in advanced technologies.

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