Where Polyethylene Packaging Is Used

Polyethylene packaging is extremely versatile and used in a wide range of applications such as food packaging, cervical collars, life jackets, exercise mats, life jackets, carpet underlay, insoles, theatre sets and many more. It is used extensively in industries such as health care, sports, leisure, marine, building, automotive, footwear and in the food packaging sector.

Polyethylene PackagingSave Time And Money With Polyethylene Packing

Polyethylene packing is ideal for transporting vulnerable items because of its durable nature. Its ability to take knocks without damaging the goods inside means that products rarely get damaged in transit. This is crucial when transporting goods and will ultimately save time and money and lead to fewer complaints about damaged goods. Polyethylene packing is also completely recyclable, making it the ‘environmentally-friendly’ choice when it comes to packaging.

Other benefits of polyethylene packing include:

  • Absorbs Impact And Vibration
  • High Buoyancy
  • Very Little Water Absorption
  • Offers Strong Acoustic And Thermal Insulation
  • Good Resistance To Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Splash Resistance To Chemicals, Oils And Fuels
  • A Good Replacement For a Wide Variety Of Materials Such As Rubber, Felt, Wood Composites And Fibreglass
  • It Is Non-Abrasive And Non-Corrosive
  • Very Lightweight And Flexible
  • Simple And Quick Packaging Saving Both Time And Money
  • Excellent For Multiple Drops And Factory Transit Applications

Polyethylene packing is an extremely cost effective and flexible packaging material and is extensively used across the industry. If you want to find out more about polyethylene packaging and discuss how it can help you keep your goods safe then please call Vertapak now.