Where are Polystyrene Beads Being Used?

Polystyrene beads or EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) as they are often referred to are used in a variety of different applications. The most popular application is probably as a filler material in consumer goods. They are used extensively in beanbag chairs, pillows, cushions and pet beds as well as being common filler for stuffed animals and toys.

Polystyrene beads are also used for wall cavity insulation in buildings. They are very effective when installed in existing walls and they fill all the available space and fit comfortably around wires and pipes etc. The beads provide excellent insulation and help to improve the energy efficiency of the building. This ultimately means that energy costs can be kept down and it is more environmentally-friendly because less fossil fuels are needed to heat the building.

When the beads are moulded together they form EPS and this serves as an excellent packaging material for white goods, computers etc.

The versatility of polystyrene beads

One of the lesser known uses for polystyrene beads is to slow the growth of mosquito populations which in turn helps to control diseases like malaria. The beads are poured into latrine pits or septic tanks to disturb the growth of mosquito larvae.

The main benefits of polystyrene beads include moisture resistance, lightness, its thermal properties, compression resistance, shock absorbency, its environmentally-friendly qualities and its versatility.

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