The Qualities of Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene foam, a miracle of modern engineering and science, has a myriad of uses and applications. This contributing fact has resulted in the product being spread throughout countless industries that span the globe. But what is this versatile product and how can it benefit you by meeting all your needs?

It is a form of plastic at its base, a lightweight material that is resistant to water and serves as an insulator too. Manufacturing is low-cost and it can be shaped into a variety of forms and sizes to suit the need of whatever situation is required. The foam itself has a high level of buoyancy, due to the fact that it is composed of ninety percent air that creates pockets within the foam.

The qualities that the foam is composed of are sought after in a variety of industries. The resistance to water and buoyancy are highly desired in the marine and navel fields and, as a result, life-rafts and life-preservers are often fashioned out of the foam. It can also be used in most furnishings, due to the versatility present during manufacturing, through careful dimension-cutting so it can fit any mattress, sofa, or cushion needed.

Because of the heat insulation that is naturally part of polystyrene foam, it has many uses in the architectural field and road construction as well. Buildings of all kinds are layered with this product to keep the warmth in and the moisture out, as well as support for structures that aren’t burdened by load-bearing. Placed as a second layer of insulation beneath pavement it hinders the creation of potholes or cracks that arise due to the freezing and thawing of the soil beneath the foundation.

These are only a few uses. Whether as insulation for architectural structures, furniture for homes, or rescue equipment to save lives at sea, it can stand up and meet the needs of all of these challenges due to its composition. The versatility ensures that you can find a use for it as well, no matter what.

What exactly is Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a flexible plastic polymer that finds extensive use across several industries, from packaging and advertising to construction. When designed and tooled to meet custom specifications, polystyrene blocks offer snug packaging solutions that are crucial in avoiding any damage to costly goods when storing or shipping them. On the other hand, when pressed into flat boards, expanded into sheets or rolled into beads, this polymer also doubles up as an effective thermal insulation for homes.

Verta Pak offers a wide range of quality polystyrene insulation products to meet the insulation and packaging needs of its clients. The company strives to offer the best of its design expertise and technological capabilities in rendering custom products to suit various packaging and insulation requirements. Verta Pak’s packaging solutions are carefully crafted to suit the product’s dimensions by using the latest CAD/CAM technology. Computer-aided design and manufacture ensures that the goods are stored and transported safely to their destinations, irrespective of their size or weight.

In addition to addressing functional requirements of polystyrene, Verta Pak also helps clients in their creative experiments to come up with interesting 3D models that find use in advertising and business promotion events. Creativity, tooling expertise and familiarity with technology help the company quickly churn out tailor-made cost-effective solutions.

Polystyrene also finds an important place in home d├ęcor. Foam from this polymer caters to home furnishing needs in the form of mattresses and cushions. Bean bags that are literally stuffed with polystyrene beads are quite sturdy, yet comfortable. For those of us who are worried about plastics being eco-hazards, Verta Pak also recycles polystyrene with minimum impact on the environment, using the waste to create new sturdy products that includes outdoor furniture.

Verta Pak offers high-quality polystyrene products for diverse use. The firm also guides clients in choosing the right product variant that best fits their needs. Free quotations, product samples and customer support are also available on request.