Why polystyrene is the perfect solution for food packaging

If you own a business that deals in the production of food and perishable goods, then you’ll know that customers expect freshness and a standard of good quality that does not diminish prematurely.

Perhaps you offer a meal subscription box or you’re an independent food or drink retailer selling produce directly to consumers. Either way, it’s a highly competitive industry and those who receive less than satisfactory goods are quick to criticise and take their money elsewhere.

Transportation is a particular challenge, which is why polystyrene is the perfect solution for food packaging.

Food packaging that ticks all the boxes

Polystyrene is a highly durable yet lightweight packing material – which means that it’s a great choice for producers and retailers who don’t want bulky, not fit-for-purpose packing materials that seem to do nothing but add to their overheads.   

Still, cost is not the only reason why polystyrene is the go-to solution for food businesses.

Where goods need to be kept at a stable temperature, the insulating properties of polystyrene food packaging make it an obvious winner. It acts as a barrier for the food and effectively ‘locks in’ the desired levels of heat or cold inside a package.

In the case of food items which need to be kept chilled and at a stable temperature to prevent spoiling, it means that food will arrive fresh, ready to be unboxed and enjoyed.

Create a good impression

No matter what the weather – if it’s snowing heavily or blisteringly hot – polystyrene packaging ensures a stable temperature inside a package. This makes it as effective for use in the transit of food as it is in the safe delivery of medicines (and indeed for any products in which stability in temperature is crucial).   

Because polystyrene does not absorb moisture, there is no danger of food products getting ruined by water in transit.

All of the above benefits mean that when the package finally arrives, food will be as perfect as the day it was dispatched for delivery. This creates a good brand impression with customers – who are then likely to return time and time again and recommend your products to friends and family.

Discuss quality polystyrene packaging with the experts

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