Polystyrene Sheet

If you are looking for the right type of polystyrene sheet, you can rely on Verta Pak to provide you with the correct product to suit your needs as we always aim to give our customers the very best advice about our polystyrene packaging and insulation products so that they can make a good choice. Simply read on to find out more about our polystyrene sheets and the features of this great product.

Expanded polystyrene sheets

Expanded polystyrene sheets, also known as EPS, can provide great levels of insulation for all types of buildings and constructions. As these sheets are lightweight and easy to cut, they are a fantastic material to use as they are so easy to handle. Considering they are not super-thick or heavy, EPS sheets have absolutely fantastic insulation properties and are therefore a top choice in the construction industry.

Here at Verta Pak, we manufacture a range of polystyrene insulation products and we supply these direct to the trade. We believe that our insulation products can save you time and money, and will also ensure that your construction is efficiently insulated against the heat and cold. Our range of insulation products include expanded polystyrene sheet (EPS), polystyrene insulation boards and EPS beads for cavity wall insulation.

Remember that Verta Pak also manufactures polystyrene packaging products to suit your needs and as part of this we can offer polystyrene sheet for packaging your products. This useful product can be cut to size and inserted into boxes for extra security and stability when products are in transit, or you can take advantage of our made-to-measure service and have our polystyrene packaging made so that it fits your product perfectly. With this option we will take into account the size and nature of your product and then provide a bespoke solution to suit your requirements and your budget. Our service includes cutting, shaping and profiling the raw polystyrene using CAD/CAM technology, ensuring a great fit for your products by enveloping them securely in protective polystyrene.

Verta Pak is a specialist company in the field of great value packaging and polystyrene insulation materials and here at our blog, we share all the latest news about our products. Please feel free to take a look around our website to find out more and browse our product lines which include polystyrene beads, sheets and insulation, as well as our brilliant value packaging products.

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