The Importance of Custom Made Packaging

You might save a few pounds by using cheaper packaging but at the end of the day you need to weigh up whether cheaper packaging is going to be worth it in the long run, both from a customer service and minimising complaints perspective.

The first thing you should consider is the actual value of the products you are having shipped. Inappropriate or insufficient packaging could potentially lead to damaged goods and a great deal of inconvenience for your customers at the receiving end. The cost of returns, claims and giving credits on your business account will damage your reputation, the relationship you have with established customers and if the customers are new, they’re likely to look elsewhere in the future.

Custom Made Packaging Solutions

Your customers deserve to receive their goods undamaged with packaging that is robust and fit for purpose. This is why custom-made packaging is the best every time. No matter what the size and shape of your products, if you are going to ship them over long distances you need packaging materials that are designed specifically to keep them safe and secure.

This is what we do at Vertapak. We have many years experience of creating custom made packaging solutions for our clients so if you need any advice about the products you are trying to transport and the best materials to use in order to keep them safe then please give us a call. We would be happy to help.

The Benefits Of Polyethylene Packing

Polyethylene packing is used for a wide range of applications such as insoles, exercise mats, cervical collars, life jackets, carpet underlay, theatre sets and props etc. It is used extensively across industries such as packaging, health care, automotive, sports and leisure, marine, building, footwear to name just a few.Polyethylene Packing

Polyethylene packing is ideal if you have vulnerable items that need to be transported because of its durability. It can deal with most of the rigours that transportation creates without damaging the goods inside so it’s a cost effective method of protecting your goods.

Protecting your products saves time, money and ultimately leads to better customer service for your customers and less complaints about damaged items.

Another benefit of polyethylene packing is that it is completely recyclable, so it’s the eco-friendly choice when it comes to packaging products.

There are many benefits with polyethylene packing and these include;

There are many benefits with polyethylene packing and these include;

  • Excellent at absorbing impact and vibration
  • Good acoustic and thermal insulation properties
  • Strong resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ideal for thermomoulding and thermoforming
  • Superb alternative for packaging materials such as rubber, felt, wood composites and fibreglass
  • Nonabrasive and noncorrosive qualities
  • Very lightweight and flexible
  • Suitable for multiple drops and factory transit applications

Polyethylene packing is available in a variety of colours and we can tailor the packaging specific to your requirements. To find out more please contact Vertapak and discuss your packing needs with us.