So how about polystyrene for interior design?

We already know that polystyrene is an extremely versatile material, but whilst it’s well known for its packaging qualities in the food and transport sectors how about the benefits in using polystyrene for interior design?

How polystyrene can be used for interior design

We’re not referring here to polystyrene being used as insulation in wall cavities or as flat ceiling panels. We’re more interested in the innovative ways the recyclable material can be manufactured to create interior ornaments, models and décor applications.

Interior designers take pride in creating wow-factor settings in commercial and residential buildings that attract the attention of visitors – particularly significant in the hospitality industry. Quality inspirational décor boasts eclectic blends of colour, texture and sensory enjoyment so what place does polystyrene have? Actually, quite a few…

Polystyrene is highly adaptable

Polystyrene can be manufactured to any size and shape required, offers great volume, and is easy to mould to fit unusual contours. It’s lightweight and substantial thereby withstanding the pressure of weight-bearing objects and potential damage.

The construction industry and now the interior design sector is using polystyrene as an alternative to traditional building materials such as plaster, cement and wood. And polystyrene can be taken many steps further than a suspended ceiling.

Frequently shaped to bind with walls and ceilings to create unique interior profiles or used to form interior columns, arches or vaults, polystyrene can offer huge savings on building materials, trade labour and heavy lifting! It’s also much quicker to install, cutting down project timescales.

Decorative walls, dressed with patterned polystyrene then painted or embellished make a pleasing backdrop, room partition or an innovative way to spice up the character of a room.

Eco-friendly qualities of polystyrene

Polystyrene is recyclable and has watertight characteristics making it ideal to use within older properties subject to damp conditions. By creating a barrier against oxygen and vapour, polystyrene constructs are safe from spoiling.

Its high thermal performance helps guard against cold drafts and despite being 98% air, polystyrene is durable and offers superb resilience against hazardous chemicals.

Use polystyrene for interior design projects

Here at Verta Pak we produce high-quality polystyrene that can be styled to any shape, size and texture, plus we’re up for any challenge thrown at us.

If you think that polystyrene could be used as part of your next interior design project but are unsure about where to start we offer a consultancy service to talk through the best options.

Contact us on 01384 457730 for more details about any aspect of polystyrene design, production and uses for interior design. 

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