The economic role of packaging in the service industry

Every person in the world today is affected by some form of packaging. Many people are not aware of the economic role and the value it has in the service industry, simply because they are not involved in the industry or they do not pay attention to the role the packaging has in getting the final product to them. However, without packaging, the country`s Gross Domestic Product would suffer.

Polystyrene Packaging

This is because of the fact that products cannot be shipped from the producer to the retailer and ultimately to the consumer, without proper packaging. Packaging must be designed by using specific materials, made of different sizes and shapes, and packaging materials also must be very strong to resist shocks and hazards when the product is transferred.

Packaging serves as a protection for the product, not only from transport and physical damages, but also from bacterial and microbial damages and climatic issues, like cold, moisture, heat, frost, etc. In this regard, especially relating to food products, packaging greatly reduces the waste of food. The packaging also serves as a way for identification, tracking and tracing of the product. Consumers today are well aware of the shelf life of the products and the product tractability to the manufacturer, which enables a quick product recall in case if the integrity of the product has been affected in a negative way.

Although packaging only contributes a small portion of the country`s gross domestic product and consequently of that – a small portion of waste, the packaging industry still impacts the present and the future of the planet and it has a big economic role to play. Humanity is well aware that the planet`s resources are greatly limited, so every effort counts in conserving our valuable resources.

Today, many packaging companies across the world are affiliated with the World Packaging Organisation in order to increase the economic benefits for the countries. Packaging industries are also networked through other global organisations and all work towards the same goal – to reduce, recycle, recover, and renew the packaging materials so the world economies all benefit.

At Vertapak we play our part in keeping packaging environmentally-friendly where we can and we are totally committed to the benefits of recycling.

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