Don’t dent customers’ expectations this Christmas choose Polystyrene packaging

Shopping habits have certainly changed in recent years as more and more purchases are made on the internet.

This also means that more and more items are delivered and in lightening quick times as consumers are willing to pay for next day delivery.

While the delivery companies tasked with transferring your goods to customers across the country – or even the world – no doubt take every effort to make sure they reaches their destination in pristine condition the scope for damage is ever present.

Thousands of parcels are on the roads every single day of the year, being moved from warehouses to depots to shops or homes.

Protecting your product has to be a key consideration – after all damaged goods are quite likely to damage your reputation as the customer expects delivery in pristine condition.

Play it safe with polystyrene

In this high volume delivery environment a robust packaging solution is essential and polystyrene certainly ticks the right boxes.

Particularly useful in protecting the fragile goods that are always popular at Christmas, polystyrene will help to guarantee that televisions, consoles, gadgets and hi-tech toys don’t disappoint on the big day.

As polystyrene can be moulded to fit it offers a bespoke packaging solution that really will offer protection from start to finish, allowing delicate electronic goods little room for manoeuvre.

As well as fitting closely, the composition of polystyrene is such that it will not damage the product if it is pushed into impact with it, instead it will absorb the movement.

Protect your reputation – and your electronic goods

Likewise any external impact from another parcel, or by accidentally being dropped, will be absorbed by the polystyrene packaging forming an effective barrier to the goods within.

Getting from A to B safely is of utmost importance but so is presentation on delivery when it comes to Christmas gifts. Opening a box and finding the contents scattered in all directions makes for a poor customer experience.

The tailored fit that polystyrene can be moulded to will not only keep products safe in transit but will also maintain presentation within the box where every component should be found exactly as it was intended to be.

Protecting goods that will be popular as Christmas gifts during the delivery process cannot be underestimated.

Don’t dent your customers’ expectations this Christmas, make sure your wrapping is as protective as possible by choosing a polystyrene packaging solution.

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